EventHorizon - Overview

Do you ever have dates that you want to be reminded of sometime in the future but you don't want to put them in your everyday calendar? EventHorizon is great for keeping track of all kinds of dates such as: holidays, exhibitions, homework due dates, as well as expiry dates for passports, driving licenses or other important documents.

EventHorizon can also display birthdays, anniversaries and other dates from your iPhone or iPod touch's built-in address book.

EventHorizon lets you look into the future and see which events are occurring within a given notice period. EventHorizon has a customizable default notice period and you can also assign custom notice periods to any of your events.

Using EventHorizon is simple:

  • Visit the Settings area to choose your default notice period and create any categories you require.
  • Use the Events section to manage your events. Create new events and assign them to categories.
  • That's it! Every time you open EventHorizon you will see any upcoming reminders in the Reminders area.

Reminders for events are given an urgency level of Normal, Approaching or Urgent depending on how far away in the future the event occurs and reminders are then grouped by their urgency, giving you a clear overview of your urgent reminders, followed by approaching reminders and finally normal reminders. The notice period for each of these urgency levels can be changed to suit you.


  • Displays reminders for upcoming events according to your chosen notice periods.
  • Easily see how many days remaining until a particular occurrence of an event.
  • Reminders are classified as Normal, Approaching or Urgent depending on how distant the occurrence is.
  • Configurable reminders badge count.
  • Displays reminders for birthdays, anniversaries and other dates from your address book.
  • Can show the upcoming ages for repeating annual events such as birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Add your own events and assign them to categories.
  • Supports events that repeat forever, until a specified date, or for a specified number of occurrences.
  • Can show reminders for occurrences in the recent past.
  • Add your own categories.
  • Rename, delete or disable existing categories.
  • Easily search for event locations in Maps or Safari.
  • Export your data for backup via email.
  • Restore your data from a backup file (see Notes below).
  • Choose category icons from Photo Gallery or import your own icons in png, jpg or gif format (see Notes below).
  • Optional passcode protection.


  • "Overall, EventHorizon is an exceptional productivity app worthy of comparison to much more expensive apps. It's very well organized, easy to use, and extremely customizable. If you're looking for a reasonably priced productivity app, EventHorizon is highly recommended." - AppShelf
  • "In my opinion, this is what you wish the Calendar app would do for all of your reminders." - iPhone App Reviews
  • "The price is right for EventHorizon and its customizable features give it great potential to be your primary productivity app." - AppCraver
    Score: 8 out of 10
  • "If you find yourself in iPhone To Do list purgatory, caught between the various spartan listing apps and complex life-managers, this beautiful and highly functional new event manager may be just what you've been looking for." - 148Apps
    Score: 4.5 out of 5


  • EventHorizon cannot currently display events from Apple's built-in calendar due to iPhone platform restrictions.
  • EventHorizon does not display pop-up notifications due to iPhone platform restrictions on background applications.
  • Importing icons and restoring data from a backup file both require that the icon or file can be reached using a URL (see support page for more details).
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